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The First Community Choice Extensions Winners!Photo gallery designed for Joomla 2.5/3, which allows you to view the images published on Google plus. The skin 'Fuerte', the new skin 'Nano' (only in the 4.x version) and the new skin 'jGallery' (only in the 4.x version), made using jQuery, suit perfectly to the new responsive templates, which adapt automatically to the resolutions of the devices that display the site (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc ...).

Buy now Ozio Gallery for Joomla 2.5/3. For only 9,5 Euro (about 12 USD) excluding VAT you'll get:

  • Full featured version, suitable for commercial purposes
  • 12 months upgrades included
  • Subscription renewal every 12 months at a cost of only 7 Euro (excluding VAT) with possibility to terminate the subscription at any time (more info)
  • Technical support in English and Italian languages via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., reserved only to users with not expired subscription. To identify yourself as a customer, plese use the same email address you used for the payment, otherwise your request may be discarded.
  • Unlimited domains / installations allowed.

Please make sure you are happy with what it does and how it works before you decide to purchase it. Feel free to download and test the Ozio Gallery free version.

Version comparing Free version Commercial version
Shows photo galleries published on G+ Incluso Incluso
Unlimited number of images Incluso Incluso
Album list page index Incluso Incluso
Ozio full screen Template (Joomla 3.x) Incluso Incluso
Map with geolocation photos (Joomla 3.x) Incluso Incluso
Removal of the signature 'Ozio Gallery by Joomla.it' Non incluso Incluso
Technical support Non incluso Incluso
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Ozio Gallery made with ❤ by joomla.it


Responsive skin FuerteThe extension installation of Ozio Gallery comprises a component and two plugins. These are loaded and activated automatically during the installation.
Ozio Gallery now consists of a doble skin called "Fuerte" and "Nano" and "jGallery". The skin Fuerte and the skin Nano and the skin jGallery is in Java Script, not in Flash, but is also ready for viewing by mobile devices.
Parametri voce di menuTo use the skin Fuerte and "Nano" and "jGallery" is necessary to upload your images to an album in Google Plus. This Google service is fast, simple and free. And it's possible to create unlimited albums with unlimited images. There is no need to resize the images before uploading to Google Plus, so it's highly recommended to load the images at their original size without losing time to resize them. Ozio Gallery will find the image and automatically correct the size based on the available space of the gallery on your site.

Parametri voce di menu After loading the images in Google Plus you can integrate on Joomla site, you must create a new menu item with the component Ozio Gallery and the skin Fuerte or skin Nano or skin jGallery. In the first parameter in the Options of the menu item should specify the ID code of the Google Plus page where the album is. You can view this number of 21 digits in the address bar when viewing the list of albums.
For exemple the page URL is this: https://plus.google.com/u/0/110359559620842741677/photos
the code to enter to view the photos of these albums is therefore 110359559620842741677

Responsive skin FuerteYou can then enable the vision of your album only from your site and not from Google Plus, it's very simple: you can make private the albums on Google Plus by not sharing "Public" and share them with your circle. Google will show you a special link to access these private albums, at the end of this link you will find the authorization code
In the parameters of the menu item on your site you should select Album visibility -> Limited and insert in the "Google+ album id" field the id number of your private album (19-digit number), in the "Authorization Key" field the code that appears in the share link after the authkey=
as the one selected on the image on the right.

Using the plugin to enter the galleries in content or form

Ozio Gallery DemoModifying or creating a new article appears below the Joomla editor the button "Ozio Gallery." Place your cursor in the position where you want the content displays the gallery, then press "Ozio Gallery" and select the gallery you want. Content appears in a code like this: plugin code that indicates the ID of the gallery displayed.
Warning: show only one gallery for each page.

You can enter the code of the plugin also in custom modules of Joomla, but remember to activate the "Prepare Content" option in the Basic Options params of the module. The pluing of Ozio Gallery is installed and activated automatically by installing the extension.

If you do not want to have visible menu items of the galleries that you have included in the content or modules or list you need to move these menu items to a new menu. Create a new menu which we will call such 'hidden' here we can move or create our menu items of Ozio Gallery that we want to insert in content or form or list. This menu should remain published and also the menu items should remain published. The module of this menu may not be published so as not to appear on the site giving you the possibility to use also the galleries created in the hidden menu.

Create multiple image galleries on the same site

Album listWith Ozio Gallery you can create multiple image galleries on the same site, each new menu item you create can be connected to a different album of Google Plus.
There is also a type of menu item that displays the list of all the galleries created with the skin Fuerte and Nano and jGallery. An index with the image preview of each album, the title and other informations such as number of photos taken. Within the parameters of this menu item "Album List", you can specify which albums to show and set the thumbnail size.

For best results we recommend you create the menu item "Album List" as main menu item and the menu items of galleries as sub-menu of the list.


Style default Style Hover Effect



Album title and photo description

On menu item parameters enable  "Show album name", this will display in the top bar of the album the name of the album present in Google Plus. To change this name you need to act on the page of Google Plus, go to the list of albums and save a new title for the album you are displaying in that menu item. After a few minutes in the gallery on the site will appear the new title.
For each image in the album of Google Plus may be associated a description that will appear in the gallery on the site. To enter a description is necessary to go to the album page on Google Plus, view the photo and on the top right click on "Add Caption", after a few minutes it will appear in the bottom bar on the gallery on the site.

All your images are cloud hosted and automatically scaled using hi-quality settings.

responsive Skin NanoExemple of image automatically resized

Device - Resolution - Image data
iPhone 320x480 225px × 150px 14kb
Nokia 360x640 265px × 177px 19kb
iPad 768x1024 673px × 448px 98kb
PC any 962px × 641px 170kb

Ozio Gallery automatically adjust the width and height of your images to create a justified image gallery on your web site.

Not only mouse...

Arrows - keyboardswipeswipeYou can browse the images in the gallery created with the Fuerte and Nano and jGallery skin also by the arrow keys on the keyboard. Or (only for version 4 of Ozio Gallery) with touch devices such as tablet or smartphone the movement of the fingers on the screen to drag to the next or to the previous is supported (swipe).

Display additional informations

Informazioni aggiuntiveA new parameter  'Button Photo Info' has been included in the menu item for the Fuerte and Nano and jGallery skin, if active is shown a new icon in the gallery. From this icon, you can see a box with a lot of informations about  the image.
Position on G+
Also present the "Download" button to download the file and the map that indicates the point where  the picture was shooten. Some smartphones and some cameras  insert automatically coordinate data in the image file, so just upload the photo on G+ and Ozio will also show the position. But for all the other photos that do not have coordinates it is easy to enter them manually directly from the  image screen on G+,  in Photo details.

To see the location on the map it is necessary that the album on G+ is enabled to display publicly the location of the photos.


The module with the list of categories

Modulo gallerie Modulo gallerie You can create the module with thumbnails of galleries, is very simple. In Joomla administration, from Module Manager create a new Custom HTML module, press "Ozio Gallery" button below the editor and select the menu item list that you created. It will thus be inserted into the module the plugin code of that menu item. It's also important to set YES, the module parameter "Prepare Content" and associate it to the position where we want it to appear.
On the DEMO page: DEMO  you can see this module working and it is responsive like all the gallery!


Open directly in full screen your galleries

Schermo intero associa il template With version 4 of Ozio Gallery a new template is installed on your Joomla! site. You can use this new template to bind it to one or more Ozio Gallery menu items created with Fuerte Skin. These galleries will be so visible in full screen. In the parameter management of your menu item, in the right column, you can find the parameter "Template Style" where you can select "oziofullscreen".

Click here to see an exemple of full screen gallery.



Map with geolocated photos

Mappa foto Voce di menu mappa With version 4 of Ozio Gallery you can create the Map of photos menu item, this let yoor visitors see a nice map with the markers that point to their photos using the EXIF data or the geolocation. The map shows the photos in albums you've published. You can easily insert  the geolocated point of each photo from the Google+ album, in the details of the image. Then, by inserting the map in a  "Custom HTML" module, through the Ozio Gallery button below the editor, you can publish the map also directly below the respective gallery.

Click here to see an exemple of map of galleries.

See the demo galleries in this page realized with skin Fuerte

Video Tutorial

Ozio Gallery Documentation

System requirements

Joomla! 2.5 or Joomla! 3
PHP >= 5.3 (recommended)

Joomla! 3

Download v.4.x the free version for Joomla! 3

Purchase v.4.x the commercial version for J! 3

Joomla! 2.5

Download v.3.3.x the free version for Joomla! 2.5

Purchase v.3.3.x the commercial version for J! 2.5

credit card & PayPal

If you have already purchased the version for Joomla! 2.5 request the discount code 80% before you buy version 4 for Joomla! 3


ready for Joomla 3

Both paid and non-paid versions, are released under GNU/GPL v2 license.


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Some user comments...

Great extension! Works fine, but it is especially easy to use, just upload the images and the rest of the work it does oziogallery. A sincere thanks to its developers!

It is best component for Gallery! Very simple to use and always up to date...

One million sites

Ozio Gallery, created in 2008, is present on more than one million sites. Easy to verify by counting the number of results that Google shows with the exact search of the text of the various signatures that in recent years and in various versions accompanied the gallery:

Google+ Help


Changelog Ozio Gallery

  • Ver. 4.4.1 : 17 Mar 2015 : Optimized loading thumbnails for skin jGallery; Fixed random effect for jGallery; Fixed fullscreen overlay for jGallery; Invisible old album where deleted all images; update nanoGallery to version 5.5.1; Fixed Deep Linking for skin jGallery; Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 4.4.0 : 05 Feb 2015 : New skin jGallery; Correct order error in album list; New Skin Fuerte param to hide toolbar; More Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 4.3.3 : 04 Dic 2014 : Fix Skin Nano error: "nanoGALLERY: Could not retrieve Picasa/Google+ data... [nanoGallery]"; Google+ profile album is no more availlable.
  • Ver. 4.3.2 : 29 Oct 2014 : Fix Skin Nano scroll page problem.
  • Ver. 4.3.1 : 28 Oct 2014 : Update Skin Nano to nanoGALLERY 5.2.1. IE7 & IE8 fix and allert message. All Skin Nano Thumbnail Hover Effect is ok now. Fix swipe in Skin Nano. Skin Nano social share button. Skin Nano RTL or LTR text support. Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 4.3.0 : 25 Sep 2014 : Update Skin Nano to nanoGALLERY 5.1.1 (more improvement). New parameter to write a text under each gallery. New parameters in the List view. Fixed IE11 problem in Skin Fuerte full screen image. Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 4.2.3 : 26 Aug 2014 : Fixed Skin Nano Picasa/Google+ data parsererror. Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 4.2.2 : 11 Aug 2014 : Fixed translation for NEXT and PREV labels for paging in Skin NANO. New plugin system/oziojquery to solve Jquery conflicts. Fixed infobox behind the images on some template. Fixed error 500 in the button editor below joomla editor in frontend. New param Url background image Infobox. Active and clickable links in the photo description. New effect for the skin Fuerte in the management of the big picture when you press the button to view the image in full screen. Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 3.3.18 : 27 May 2014 : Fixed problem in the new zip library only in the free version.
  • Ver. 3.3.17 : 12 May 2014 : New skin Fuerte params to disable deeplink#. New zip library. Fixed auto update. Fixed "Page Heading" for the menu item. Minor fixes
  • Ver. 4.2.1 : 29 Apr 2014 : Fixed Skin Nano. New zip library. Fixed auto update. Added Infobox in Skin Nano. Fixed Infobox in Skin Fuerte. Fixed Skin Fuerte Photowall problem in Chrome. Minor fixes
  • Ver. 4.2.0 : 20 Apr 2014 : New Skin Nano. Fixed link in "HoverEffect" List style. Fixed "Page Heading" for the menu item. Improved the administrator page. New parameter to set the photos order. Minor fixes
  • Ver. 4.1.1 : 25 Jan 2014 : Improved G+ ID form now also with Gmail email. New Photowall thumbnails!. Fixed problem in the map link no SEF. Fixed problem in HTTPS. New skin Fuerte advanced params to disable deeplink#. New maps params to set a Track KML file. Minor fixes
  • Ver. 4.1.0 : 15 Dic 2013 : Improved popup info-photo. New icon for Full Screen. New Map of all photos!. New skin Fuerte params to set Fixed height of the gallery. Minor fixes
  • Ver. 4.0.6 : 24 Nov 2013 : Fixed popup info-photo now in bootstrap. New Fuerte params section to hide all the info in the popup info-photo. Improved compatibility with K2. New "Hover" style in the view "List of galleries". Added russian and german language. Added a new parameter in the view "List of galleries" to sort the order of the galleries. Minor fixes
  • Ver. 3.3.16 : 28 Oct 2013 : Fixed plugin problem (no old flash gallery in content display).
  • Ver. 3.3.15 & 4.0.5: 21 Oct 2013 : Fixed problem in the info box, Added param to disable Jquery also from  view "List of galleries".
    Only for verson 4: Fixed Jquery load. Added a new template Ozio Full screen and statistic in admin.
  • Ver. 3.3.14 & 4.0.4: 16 Sep 2013 : Fixed problem in the info box, improved performance.
  • Ver. 3.3.13 & 4.0.3: 10 Aug 2013 : Fixed problem in the list if it is in a module. New link to G+ photo page in the info box and new visit counter e comment counter. Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 3.3.12 & 4.0.2: 15 Jul 2013 : Fixed problem W3C HTML5 validation. New French, Portuguese and Spanish language. Restored deeplinking!. New parameter for "Hide thumbnails". New parameter for show "Button 'Photo Info". Touch support on version 4, now the drag photos Swipe works with effect from mobile devices. Minor fixes.
  • Ver. 3.3.11 & 4.0.1: 14 Jun 2013 : Fixed problem in private gallery. New parameter "Fixed Aspect Ratio" and "Pixel size for large image".
  • Ver. 3.3.10 : 08 Jun 2013 : Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer.
  • Ver. 3.3.9 : 24 May 2013 : Removed Deep Linking :( . New parameter for the date of the Album. Rewritten code Fuerte skin, now in Ajax and JSON. Title eliminable in "List of galleries". Fixed conflict with responsive template. Fixed conflicts with the backgrounds of the template. Minor fixes
  • Ver. 3.3.8 : 18 Dic 2012 : Added a new view "List of galleries". Meta Tags fixes.
  • Ver. 3.3.7 : 30 Nov 2012 : Minor bug fixes. Joomla ACL support.
  • Ver. 3.3.6 : 19 Oct 2012 : An harmless warning about missing flash directories fixed.
  • Ver. 3.3.5 : 09 Oct 2012 : Progressbar bug fixed. Added Ozio Gallery button while editing articles. Flash skins support dropped.
  • Ver. 3.3.4 : 01 Sep 2012 : Added Javascript skin "Fuerte"



Lingue, Idiomas, Idiomes, Linguagem, Languages... (only in the 4.x version)

Persian : - Neda MCvandi-  --> Download    Extract and upload via FTP