Google closed Picasa and Google Plus service, and from March 15 2019  disabled the old API, to manage the images of these services. Ozio Gallery used these APIs for many years, therefore is necessary upgrade to version 5 of Ozio Gallery to continue viewing the images of Google Photos thanks to the new dedicated APIs integrated in this new version.

This is the recommended update procedure, both for free and for commercial version.

- It is strongly recommended to make a note of all of Ozio Gallery menu items on the site and its associated Google Photos albums, as a result of the update for the Skin Fuerte and lightGallery you will need to go back to modify the related menu items and associate them again with your Google Photos album. The Skin Nano and jGallery maintain the reference to the Google Photos album even after the update.

Only albums on Google Photos are currently supported, Google Plus or other services are no longer visible.

- Update the version of Ozio Gallery on your Joomla website. You can update directly from the Joomla control panel, in the Extension Manager --> Update. Or by downloading the new installation package and installing it on the site again from Extension Manager --> Install. Do not uninstall the previous version.

- Log in to the Google API Console making sure you are already logged in on with the Google user (Gmail users only) managing albums on Google Photos.
Select the project where the credentials used in the Ozio Gallery were generated.
In the list of Libraries, look for the Photos Library API simply by typing photo in the search field.

Access the management of this library and enable it by pressing the corresponding button.

In the credential settings (OAuth consent screen) verify that in the "Scopes for Google APIs" there are only 3 elements (email, profile, openid), if there are other elements delete them and save at the bottom.

- Enter in the admin panel of the Joomla, from the list of components select Ozio Gallery and access the page for managing Google APIs Credentials.
The credential status has been specifically reset and is no longer active but "pending", so you need to activate it again by pressing the green button.
A new window opens where you need to press the "Start Authentication" blue button, in the new window you need to log in with the Google user (Gmail users only) who manages albums on Google Photos.
After selected the user you can see the message "This app has not been verified," you can ignore this message by pressing on the word "Advanced" and still pressing down "Go to ...."

On the next screen, press the "Allow" button to activate the credentials.

- After reactivating the credentials you need access to all menu items created with Ozio Gallery, make sure the album selection field is correctly filled in with the desired single album or with more albums you want and save the menu item again. Yes, it is necessary to save the menu item even without making any changes.

- Completely clear the cache of your browser and check if all is ok in the galleries on the site.

Addressing this new change was not easy, we had to re-write much code. Making the Ozio Gallery compatible with the new Google Photos APIs was a big effort but we did not want to leave your galleries.