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Development of extensions for Joomla!


It allows the association of a geographical place to each Joomla article, and display it within a Google Maps at the bottom of the article itself.
Includes even a module which collect in a single map multiple places associated to articles.
Supports custom icons for markers, infowindows, and all kind of maps (street, satellite, terrain, hybrid).
It doesn't require Google Maps API knowledge.

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Ozio Gallery

Attention: From february 2017 Google no longer allows to make public the Google Photo albums. It is not longer possible to change album properties through the API. The new Ozio Gallery 4.8.0 version solve this problem and you can continue to use the new Google Photos albums. See new instructions

The First Community Choice Extensions Winners!Photo gallery designed for Joomla 3, which allows you to view the images published on Google Photos and VIDEO from YouTube (only skin lightGallery). The skin 'Nano' and the new skin 'jGallery' and the new skin 'lightGallery', made using jQuery, suit perfectly to the new responsive templates, which adapt automatically to the resolutions of the devices that display the site (smartphones, tablets, etc ...).

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